Fall River sees Lawton Park reopen

November 20, 2013 by  

The Gerald Lawton Memorial Park, located at the intersection of Anawan and South Streets in Fall River, was opened to the public last Wednesday, November 13. No doubt banner printing was used throughout the city to announce this event, as silver metal fencing has been surrounding the park since September for renovations.

The park, which had been closed while developments were taking place, was once a site for the elderly in the community to gather and enjoy the outdoors. The cement benches have been torn down by work crews but the pieces of art on the wall of what was once the Cherry and Webb building have been kept. Mayor Will Flanagan has said that he plans for additional art sculptures to be brought into the park, while the brick is being pressure-treated and the park is undergoing a general clean-up.

He added that, from this point forward, the police will be carefully guarding the park on a more pro-active basis, and that he wants the park to be respected and hopes people will act responsibly in these efforts to improve the downtown area.

James Karam, president of First Bristol Corp., purchased the building across the street from the park and offered to pay for the renovations and clean-up required.

Gerald “Jerry” Lawton, who cared for the homeless and needy people in the city, is the man after whom the park is named. He passed away in 1993, but his work is remembered through the title of the park.