Fall River council engineers transfer

July 1, 2012 by  

The City of Fall River’s engineering division, long a part of Community Services, may soon fall under the jurisdiction of Community Maintenance.

The Ordinances and Legislation Committee for the City of Fall River voted unanimously to remove engineering from the Department of Community Services upon the recommendation of Shawn Cadime, City Administrator for Fall River. Cadime told the committee that the departmental separation would make more sense, referring to it as a natural fit. The Community Maintenance division already oversees engineering-based activities such as sanitation, municipal buildings, roads, traffic, city parks, and cemeteries. The two divisions work closely and will continue to do so.

Councilors were assured that the change-over would be seamless, with no need to hire additional staff or change physical locations. The engineering department in Fall River is comprised of four people, each of whom will probably require new business card printing, creating a possible chance for Fall River print companies to make the most of their digital business card printing services.

A motion was filed by Councilor Ray Mitchell to recommend approval of the transfer to the full city council. He said:

“Most of the work that comes in to planning comes to [engineering’s] office. It’s only logical to put it under one roof.”

Once the transfer is passed by the Council and completed, Fall River’s Community Services Department, led by Henry Vaillancourt, will continue to be responsible for city planning, conducting elections, and dispatching inspection services. It will also be in charge of community health and human public services.