Wily coyotes spotted in Dedham

March 13, 2012 by  

Coyotes have made their homes in urban areas for decades. They are normally shy and keep hidden during daylight hours. However, recently a couple of coyote sightings in short order in the Dedham neighbourhood of Oakdale, forcing town administration to issue a memo on the town’s website.

The warning of coyotes in the area could be communicated well via poster printing and postings in the area.

The memo indicated that town officials in Dedham have been paying close attention to the reports of coyotes. Coyotes have been known to make off with domestic cats and small dogs, but rarely if ever do they show themselves to humans. They may be seen more often in February, March and April which is mating season. They are easily scared off by making loud noises or by turning on lights from your home or by shaking a flashlight at them if you’re out walking after dark.

Links to websites with information about what to do in the event of a confrontation with a coyote, or with any wild animal in an urban area are posted on the town website. Wild animals come under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Environmental Police. More resources can be found through the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Dedham residents who see a coyote in their neighbourhood and believe they are too close for comfort can call the town’s Canine Control unit or the Dedham Public Safety Dispatch. If a person is in peril or a potential emergency situation is about to take place, the public can call 911.