Race for Mayor is on

May 14, 2012 by  

The Town of Dedham has announced two candidates for the position of Honorary Mayor; a long-standing tradition in the municipality.

Tracey White and Mary Hathaway of Dedham received the most nominations by town residents in a recent contest. The women were nominated by their peers and residents of Dedham because of their dedication to town volunteerism. They have also attained a certain profile because of their work in the community and both have made a difference to the lives of people in their neighborhoods.

The election, organized by the Dedham Parks and Recreation Department, also acts as a community fundraiser. White and Hathaway will solicit votes for themselves and local charities. As is tradition, residents cast their votes for their favourite candidate with dollar bills, not with ballots. Money raised helps the Parks and Recreation department, as well as the charity as chosen by the duly elected Mayor.

The election and consequential fundraiser is a community booster and opportunity for print companies to carry out poster printing for the candidates and for the charitable organizations that will benefit.

When elected to the position of Mayor of Dedham, the chosen person puts a spotlight on public and civic duty to serve one’s community but does not govern the town in the traditional sense, leaving that job to the Board of Selectmen.

Both candidates have fundraisers planned in the weeks leading up to the end of campaigning, which is June 11th. Voters may cast as many ballots as they want, to as high a dollar amount as they want. The winner will receive prizes and will ride in the Flag Day Parade in Dedham and, on Dedham Day, will work judging cattle.