Owners beg for new Dedham dog park

September 12, 2012 by  

Residents of Dedham will not have to growl about a lack of off leash parks for their four-legged friends. Dedham Parks and Rec have decided that even though the permit for a previous dog park has expired, they will offer a temporary location for canines to chase balls and stretch their legs.

The temporary location will have a permit extension for either 12 months or until a permanent park for Dedham doggies has been established. Fences and trees in the new park would be spots to hang posters and notices reminding owners to pick up after their pooches and for dog-walking business owners to engage print companies to print advertising posters.

Dedham resident Chuck Dellolacono piloted the off –leash park under the supervision of the parks department, which wanted to measure park usage. Park and recreation officials were taken aback at how quickly dog owners took to the off-leash area.

The town of Dedham has 1,600 dogs that are licensed and, up until recently, parks in the town did not allow pets. Dellolacono was surprised and disappointed that no parks were available to owners to run their dogs. He said:

“I’m not a dog person, I wanted to open this park as a safety precaution.”

Dellolacono was referring to Dedham down owners walking their dogs on a leash on roads with no sidewalks or in dark areas, putting people and pets at risk. He continued:

“It would make me nervous whenever I saw a car making a sharp turn around a curb…cutting close to walkers.”

A park on Common Street has been temporarily approved for use and Dedham Parks and Rec will be considering what hours the park should be open in order to serve the public and the public works department.