Local man elected president of Arc’s state branch Board of Directors

August 5, 2012 by  

Dedham resident Frank Sally has recently been named president of the Board of directors at Arc’s state branch. Mr Sally has been a member of the Arc of Massachusetts for 30 years, joining when his daughter who has special needs was five years old. The organization works to support individuals with developmental and intellectual disability and their families.

Sally states that when he was raising his daughter in the 1970s, very little support was available for children with special needs and their families. Since that time Sally has worked hard to promote the organization and was chairman of the Board of Directors for the Arc of South Norfolk for 13 years. During that time he helped to set up a rehabilitation center to offer education programs, counselling and career training in Westwood. Local branches of Arc and at state level, work is on going to campaign for rehabilitation centers and job training. Sally has been elected for a two year period and will offer support to those campaigning at ground level, perhaps using local flyer printing services to publicize the campaigns.

Although Arc of Massachusetts has been fighting on behalf of people with disabilities for 60 years, the organization is still building recognition. Sally will be working on the rebranding campaign to try and raise awareness of the organization, which is where local printing services will be required. The Arc of Massachusetts executive director, Leo Sarkissian believes that Sally is the right man for the job, with personal experience of disability and knowledge of the organization.