Animal challenge to start in just over a week

May 23, 2013 by  

Getting underway at the start of June, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, located in Dedham, Massachusetts, will be joining the 2013 ASPCA Rachel Ray Challenge. The goal is to have 1,200 of the shelter’s animals adopted by the end of a 12-week period.

The challenge provides an opportunity for shelters to earn grant money that they can use to fund their services. A total of 50 different shelters from all across America will be participating in the event, and the shelter that fosters the most community engagement will receive an additional $25,000.

Anyone who lives in the area and is interested in helping animals can adopt a dog or cat from the shelter. Additionally, the Animal Rescue League of Boston needs community members to work with them to spread the word about the challenge. Members and teams who host events and support the League can help the shelter potentially win the first place challenge prize.

Organizers for the League’s activities, as well as volunteers hosting events in support of the challenge, will likely need to turn to printing companies for various materials. Flyers and posters are crucial advertising tools that both would utilize to draw to their events. Banner printing companies could create banners that would make these event spaces stand out as well, and informational brochures are likely to be another requirement.

The challenge is set to start on June 1, so it will continue throughout the summer months.