Upcoming performance addresses “what if” scenarios

January 14, 2013 by  

‘The Meeting’ a poignant and captivating piece, will be performed at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA this Friday, January 18.

In his play, scriptwriter Jeff Stetson conceives of what may have transpired during a covert meeting involving two of the most prominent men of their eras: Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

The play analyzes the private and public lives of both men, and zeroes-in on their conflict of ideologies and strategies pertaining to the advancement of freedom. It also explores the compassion of two earnest men of faith, loving fathers and husbands, and trailblazers ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of justice.

A grungy hotel room in Harlem becomes the setting for the crucial altercation between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The former, a Baptist minister, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and advocate of passive protest—the latter, a fervent activist for self-defense at any cost.
Ironically, within one week, Malcolm is murdered and, in three years’ time, Dr. King will meet the same fate. However, in this extraordinary moment, the audience catches a glimpse of what could have been.

The performance stars Boston’s very own Jeff Robinson as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while Wesley Lawrence Taylor plays Malcolm X and Michael Nurse is cast as Rashad.

Getting underway at 8:00 pm, tickets to this event are $15 for students and adult members of the CMAC and $20 for non-members. Online ticket sales will end one hour before the event. If quantity permits, tickets from a printing service will be available at the door.