MIT to file zoning permit

May 7, 2012 by  

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge has announced its intention to put forward new zoning application later in 2012 to add more housing and open spaces.

After planners from MIT previewed plans at a meeting attended by students and residents, board member Steven Winter told a reporter from the Cambridge Chronicle that he was pleased that there was a commitment to housing and making the surrounding area more attractive.

After a previous plan was all but rejected, the new zoning permit for open public spaces and housing will include an entertainment district, suitable housing and for all intents and purposes, will be designed as a walkable neighbourhood. The goal of creating the space would be to portray a specific lifestyle in hopes of attracting bright, sophisticated intellectuals to the area who will be studying in popular faculties at MIT, such as pharmaceuticals and technology.

In the proposed plan, there would be townhouse condos and cafes gracing Broad Canal Street. The street could become a pedestrian mall rather than be open to vehicular traffic. MIT proposes more pedestrian walkways that would start at the Infinite Corridor. Valuable, historic buildings would be rehabilitated.

MIT owns the educational building, some commercial and residences, but does not own all the land or the buildings on the zoning proposal. However, officials fully expect that property owners will support the plan as it benefits them both esthetically and financially. If all goes to plan, the area will be a popular destination for students and a perfect location for Cambridge print companies eager to do business with the bright minds of tomorrow attending MIT.