Microsoft takes up new gig in Cambridge

October 9, 2012 by  

A new neighbor has arrived in Kendall Square. As of September 27, Microsoft is now part of the downtown landscape, having opened the Microsoft Technology Center in downtown Cambridge.

This recent addition, a 12-story edifice complete with a glowing Microsoft logo at the top of the building, is part of a quickly expanding innovation area in the middle of Kendall Square.

Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis said:

“For many years, Kendall Square was faced with vacant land.

“For a while, it was known as nowhere square.”

With the new technology center, plus leased space of more than 100,000 square feet in One Cambridge Center, Microsoft has added 600 new employees to its Bay State operations since 2007. The new operation sites are an addition to a space also occupied by other divisions of Microsoft a block or two away at the New England Research and Development Center, known locally as NERD, where Microsoft occupies 170,000 square feet. In this space, they offer meeting rooms at no charge to Cambridge area startup companies, fledgling entrepreneurial groups, and other organizations.

Microsoft’s growth includes the addition of staff in marketing, training, sales, and other collaborative operations. Corporate expansion of this size is an excellent opportunity for business card printing for local print companies.

As one might expect in a building occupied by a technology giant, Microsoft has an ‘Envisioning Center’ – a cutting-edge electronics deluxe room with touchscreen monitors and flat screen televisions, making it the perfect platform to demonstrate Microsoft’s products and cloud-based systems.