Managing Diabetes Discreetly

April 26, 2012 by  

Despite being a very common disease, many people feel there is a stigma attached to Type 2, or adult-onset diabetes. To provide people with a forum to discuss the disease while maintaining their anonymity, the Cambridge Public Health Department has developed a free, confidential six-week workshop. The workshop started on April 3rd, so there is still time to participate.

Called “What’s Up Diabetes”, the curriculum was written by Cambridge nutritionist Josefine Wendel. It encourages those who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to get more information about it. It’s a disease which must be monitored and those afflicted must take proper care as it can be fatal. Brochure printing with pamphlets left in medical offices is one of the best ways to advertise workshops such as What’s Up Diabetes.

“These workshops are helping Cambridge residents with diabetes support each other in staying healthy and managing their disease,” said Wendel.

Currently, What’s Up Diabetes” is offered by the Cambridge Community Center in Riverside and The Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House. The idea to offer the confidential workshop came after organizers led several focus groups in Cambridge last year to discover the needs among diabetes patients. It was the focus groups which disclosed the need to deliver information in a confidential manner.

Statistics from The American Diabetes Association state that 8.3 per cent of the population in the United States are affected by Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, with a large percentage of type 2 affecting Americans of Latino or African descent.

Symptoms of the disease include extreme thirst, constant hunger and frequent urination.