Cambridge to launch a bike share scheme

August 3, 2012 by  

Sidewalks in Cambridge may appear different from August 8, as bike racks are to be installed as part of an initiative to reduce the amount of car traffic.

Six Hubway bike racks have already been installed in preparation for the launch, with 24 more to be installed before August 8. The Community Development Department’s Transportation Program manager, Cara Seiderman has stated that the initiative was a step further towards the reduction of car traffic and to encourage other means of transport. The scheme will promote the health of the public while promoting a sustainable transport alternative.

According to Seiderman, research in other areas has indicated that travellers are leaving their cars at home in favour of taking Hubway. In September 2011, a unanimous vote was carried out by city councillors who want to update zoning codes on private and municipal property to prepare for bike-share stations to be installed. There will be 24 Hubway stations around Cambridge, with 240 bikes to be shared.

Users will either pay a fee on a daily basis or be charged a membership fee once the scheme is launched. Once the scheme has been officially launched on August 8, a local printing company may be called on for their flyer printing services, to promote the scheme to regular travellers who may be interested in the scheme.

The initiative is already in use throughout Boston and Somerville will soon be launching the scheme. Following the launch, bikes will be available to rent from the solar powered stations.