Cambridge to be home for new research lab for Canon

June 6, 2013 by  

Canon U.S.A. Inc. recently announced that it will be opening a new Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory in Cambridge in the upcoming months. No doubt business card printing will be used to create business cards to distribute to those who will be working at the new facility.

The laboratory will be devoted to research and will be approximately 13,600 square feet in size. It will be home for skilled employees who will be developing medical robotics and biomedical optical imaging technologies used to bring a variety of medical devices to the market, which will then be utilized in a variety of applications. Brain functioning imaging, detection of cardiovascular disease, miniature endoscopy, and surgery assisted by robotics will be some of the areas in which these new technologies will be used.

According to the president and CEO of Canon U.S.A., Joe Adachi, the new laboratory for research will help to demonstrate that the company is dedicated to research and developing innovative technologies that can help with challenges of a clinical nature faced by many modern-day communities involved in healthcare.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. received the Readers’ Choice Award for Service and Reliability in 2012 from PC Magazine for the ninth year in a row in the digital printer and camera categories, and also second year in a row for camcorders. Last year, it ranked third in the number of patents registered in the United States and for 2013 it is one the World’s Most Admired Companies as rated by Forbes Magazine.