Americans seek job satisfaction as choices grow

March 13, 2012 by  

With the rebound of the economy, many Americans say they will begin to think about switching jobs according to American executive search firm FPC.

In a survey undertaken in October, November and December of 2011 by FPC of 1,500 workers in the U.S., four out of five said they’d look for a new job once the economy strengthens. This means 2012 may bring a shake up in the employment marketplace.

Many gave an extensive list of reasons why the recession caused employment woes. They included arrogant employers, limited opportunities and other transgressions that caused them to feel trapped.

Half of the 1,500 people who participated said advancement was limited in their current place of employment despite having acquired a more marketable skill set. A further 28 per cent believe they are taken advantage of by employers who know that a poor economy will prevent them from quitting. That includes scenarios such as longer hours on the job, salary cuts and discontinued dispensing of bonuses and raises. With a strong economy, workers feel they can leverage their position more strongly and have more confidence in leaving their current employers.

A certain percentage of those polled remain cautious and will wait for more definitive signs that the economy is improving, both globally and at home in the U.S.

With movement beginning to occur in Cambridge and employers welcoming new employees through the office doors, print services can expect an upswing in orders for digital business cards .