Selectmen vote for changes on turnpike corridor

July 15, 2012 by  

A section of the Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington is about to change lanes.

Burlington Selectmen have made a unanimous decision to make a major change to the turnpike corridor. The vote took place at a June meeting.

The section of the busy turnpike that runs from the Lemon Tree, a local Burlington restaurant, to the border at Billerica will be formally referred to as the Middlesex Turnpike Extension. The section of road that extends from Network Drive to the Mitre Link will still retain the name Middlesex; a subtle change but a necessary one that selectmen believe will improve traffic flow in Burlington.

The change has been on the books for a long time in the Mitre Link project plans. The Extension will actually run into a dead-end when it reaches Crowley Street and will not extend to Bedford and Billerica as it does now.

All concerned parties, from nearby commercial establishments to residents, have been contacted regarding the changes to the turnpike configuration. All were invited to a public hearing, which is a normal procedure when municipalities make a change that will impact neighborhoods. Flyer printing for direct mail purposes and poster printing for public hearings are just two communication channels that governments often use to contact constituents concerning these types of changes.

Just 12 homes will be affected by the change in name of the road, according to town engineer Tom Hayes. While there are duplicate building numbers along the two streets, the variance due to the road name change is expected to eliminate or at least reduce possible public confusion.