Full-day kindergarten to get part-time nurse

September 6, 2013 by  

The Braintree School Department recently announced that a nurse will be hired on a part-time basis for the full-day kindergarten program at the Monatiquot School starting this fall. No doubt the School Department has been letting the parents and residents become aware of this new position by using flyer printing and other printing services.

Superintendent Dr. Maureen Murray has said that the advertised nurse will be available for two hours a day, in addition to a nurse on call from Hollis Elementary, and should give parents and members of the School Committee some peace of mind. The schedule of the new nurse is yet to be finalized but she is consulting with Pamela Dowd, the Nursing Coordinator, and the tentative time is to be between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Shannon Hume, the chairperson of the School Committee, commented that this hiring is great addition and member David Ringus, Jr. added that this was going in a good direction for the program.

Monatiquot will be holding two full-day kindergarten classrooms, which will be housed in the part of the Meeting House Montessori School it is not currently using. This part has been renovated with a secure buzz-in system – a change staff will no doubt notice as they return from the summer break.

There will be a total of 148 students enrolled in the full-time kindergarten program at Monatiquot ,with 105 coming from the six elementary schools, 22 from Hollis Elementary, and 21 from Morrison Elementary.