New yoga and lunch sessions introduced to Beverly

March 20, 2013 by  

A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class—as taught by Yogi Bhajan—is now available at The Healing Center in Beverly.

Lakshmi Sirois, a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, licensed mental health counselor, and certified dance and movement therapist, will be directing the class. Sirois creates a relaxed, supportive, and open-minded ambience for beginning Kundalini Yoga students, while affording more advanced students with challenging opportunities for spiritual and inner growth.

What sets Kundalini Yoga apart from other forms of yoga is its dynamic approach. Through the implementation of cadenced movements and breathing coupled with sustained postures, Kundalini comprises and enhances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of its students. Incidentally, the word ‘Kundalini’ translates as ‘awareness’, while ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’.

Yogi Bhajan is quoted as saying in 1988:

“Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity, and it’s the art to experience Infinity in the finite.”

The initial class is free of charge. Each additional class incurs a fee of $14.

The Healing Center is located at 234 Cabot Street, and is a holistic health center established by Joanna Scaparotti. Its wellspring of services includes Reiki, spiritual healing, massage, herbal consultations, reflexology, yoga therapy, and breathing work. The center also hosts civic events in addition to healing, growth, and certification workshops.

Visit the center’s website to register for the Kundalini Yoga class, where it is also possible to view the calendar and an online catalog printing of upcoming workshops and events. The course takes place every Friday through the months of March and April, from 12:08 pm to12:58 pm.