Library invites locals to discover their inner Hemingway

January 10, 2013 by  

Spending an hour or two in a library can leave people walking away feeling as though they have made a new friend — one who lives forever in the pages of a book. In another direction, a library can also be a place of inspiration and education, as many Beverly, Massachusetts area residents are about to discover.

Every Tuesday between 9:00 am and 11:30 am though the month of January 2013, a free creative writing workshop is held in the Barnet Gallery in the Beverly Public Library. Led by instructor Elizabeth Ciampa, the creative writing workshop examines the fundamentals of fiction, such as imagery, plot, setting, character depiction, theme and conflict. As well as in-class writing, there will be homework exercises assigned to spark the imagination further. Along with covering the fiction genre, this workshop touches on the lyrical element of poetry in relation to fiction writing as well.

When the series ends, up-and-coming writers will leave with written works that they may choose to develop into short stories or novels. Perhaps some will even decide to publish their work. It follows then, that business cards, advertising flyers and other printed marketing items would afford the Beverly area printing services a welcomed fiscal boost.

In light of that, and the personal satisfaction and possible profit that can be gained from writing, there are many reasons for Beverley writers to unleash their creative sides and put pen to paper this month at their local library.