Building trade a win-win

December 16, 2012 by  

An organization that serves U.S. veterans will be moving into a brand new facility and land developer will be given the opportunity to construct a multi-purpose project in an unusual yet very smart building swap.

In a deal set to close on Thursday, December 20, North Shore Veterans Counseling Services will hand over the keys to its space at 9 Park St. to Windover Construction, who in turn will give the keys to their building, an historic piece of property built in the 1880s, located at 45 Broadway. Both properties are located in close proximity to the train station in Beverly.

The service, which has been operating in a somewhat run-down building for the past two years, will get a space more suitable to its use, while Windover gets a much sought after space next to land that it already owns. This will help Windover further its goal to build more mixed-use neighborhoods with street level retail with residential units above.

The move will pave the way for more people to move to Beverly’s downtown area, which will boost the economy in that area, benefiting business such as Beverly print companies. Windover began its mixed-use development plan in 2005 and has been working diligently to acquire properties in the area by the Beverly train station ever since.

Windover president Lee Dellicker said:

“It’s a win for Windover, a win for North Shore Veterans, and a win for the city.”

The North Shore Veterans Counseling Service hopes to move into its new space in March 2013.