Time capsule placed in North Andover burial ground

November 18, 2013 by  

A time capsule, located in the tomb that marks the body of Reverend William Symmes, was recently placed by the Historical Commission of North Andover in the Old Burying Ground. This formed a celebration marking the ongoing restoration of the graveyard, and no doubt flyer printing is being used by the Historical Commission to let the community become aware of this project and what it seeks to achieve.

The project has been going on for 20 years, with its goal to repair headstones that have been damaged and shattered and to improve the overall appearance of the Old Burying Ground. There were also two above-ground markers restored by masons and the Symmes marker, which had its entire brick body rebuilt and was then topped by the original marble headstone, was one of them.

The Historical Commission put a small container in the marker that detailed the restoration work, included copies of newspapers dated November 1, 2013, and other original brick markers. The time capsule also contained the names of all the people known to the North Andover Historical Society who are buried in the graveyard.

According to the chair of the commission, Kathy Szyska, the year 1645 is thought of as when the graveyard was established, and it was probably home to the site of the first town meeting hall for the town of Andover. In 1815, the graveyard was closed. She added that there are about 300 people buried in the graveyard.