State works to reduce unemployment

June 6, 2012 by  

A small Massachusetts municipality is boasting one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.

April 2012 figures just released by the Labor and Workforce Development in the State shows Andover’s unemployment rate dropped at a mere 4.2 per cent. A year ago, the rate was 5.5 per centre. This is encouraging news for the 33,000 plus residents of Andover, located just 22 miles north of Boston, MA.

Across Massachusetts, the average rate of unemployment is still over six per cent at 6.3 per cent. In April of 2011, the statewide rate was over 7 percent which shows a profound downward trend in the New England area. The country as a whole is still experiencing moderately high unemployment at just over 8 percent.

Areas of employment growth in Massachusetts were in three different sectors: professional services, scientific services and business services, which has a desired knock on effect of creating more work for other areas such as business card printing. Approximately 4,200 jobs were created in these industries. Unfortunately, jobs were lost in the manufacturing sector and in the highly seasonal construction industry; however more jobs were created overall throughout the state, as reflected in the declining unemployment rate. Andover in particular has been a manufacturing hub in the Boston area since the early days of its founding in the mid-1600s.

Areas in Massachusetts with exceptionally low unemployment include The Merrimack Valley. On the other end of the scale, Lawrence is still struggling with unemployment due to a sluggish economy with a12.9 per cent rate of unemployment despite Andover being so close in proximity. Haverhill is in line with the nationwide rate at 7.9 per cent.