More bikeable communities promoted by regional agency

June 6, 2013 by  

At a Bikeable Communities Training Workshop recently held at the Town Hall in Andover, the Department of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MassDOT) announced that it plans to triple the use of public transportation, walking, and bicycling by the year 2030.

The Workshop, which was organized by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, is no doubt using flyer printing to make the public aware of its plans for the region to encourage more people to walk and ride bikes.

According to the program director for the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, Price Armstrong, the goal of the MassDOT is quite a challenge for the Commonwealth as many people do not bike to work, particularly on Route 125, a major road in the area, which has almost no space for bikers and can be very hazardous for biking.

There are many ways that people can be encouraged to use their bikes, Armstrong added. People could be motivated to bike to work if companies provided showers for people who commute by bicycle. Roads could also be made safer by first creating bike lanes on streets which only bikers can use and then prohibiting cars from parking in those lanes and creating specific cycle tracks.

A board member of the Coastal Trails Coalition, Deborah Carey of Amesbury, made a suggestion that the chambers of commerce and other groups of business owners should be contacted as these groups may be more interested in the building of bike paths and other accommodations for cyclists,