Hair garland and toilet paper among Andover’s top 40

February 2, 2013 by  

The Andover Top 40 is currently being housed in the Andover Historical Society’s Main Gallery. The innovative volunteers of Andover’s Historical Society conceived this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Erin Sheehy, the curator of the Andover Top 40, is a Tewksbury native and a graduate of the Tufts University Museum Studies Program.

Featured in this collection are 40 items that were handpicked from the museum’s anthology by 42 volunteers. Art-lovers from the ages 18 to 80 lent a hand. Historical Society volunteers in the capacity of writers, printing company staff, greeter, carpenters, collections managers, linguists, librarians, tour guides, and board members assisted in this elite venture.

The 40 pieces selected as representatives of the Andover Historical Society and the community are indeed a unique assemblage. An 18th century cabinet, a 19th century cobbler’s bench and sewing table, and five notable uniforms and dresses from the era.

Further, atypical items, including a mustache cup, spoon warmer, and hair wreath were also selected due to their distinctive merits. Other helpers chose items that are more familiar and modern such as antique bathroom tissue, a 20th century radio, and an Andover High School Varsity Letter from the 1950s.

Located at 97 Main Street, admission to the gallery is free of charge and the exhibit will be publicly displayed through the spring of 2013. Overall, there is an eclectic display of objets d’art to behold at the Andover Top 40 between museum hours 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.