Energy efficient Andover awarded more green

July 14, 2012 by  

Senator Barry Finegold has announced new state funding to help make public buildings more energy efficient.

Six buildings in Andover have qualified for the Green Communities grant, including Andover Town House, Memorial Hall Library, West Middle School, and town offices. Just over $220,599 is soon to be awarded, saving the town of Andover approximately $163,000 in energy costs.

Finegold said:

“These clean energy projects are not only saving energy, they are saving taxpayers’ money. Andover has really benefited from its Green Community status and has made some significant improvements to our municipal buildings.”

Andover was awarded this grant because of the designation it received in 2008 as a Green Community. The first Green Community grant the town received, which was $160,000, was invested in energy efficient initiatives, making the town a prime candidate for further funding. Andover town officials used the 2008 grant to retrofit lighting at area schools and other public buildings. No doubt the Andover business community is awaiting its turn to participate in green energy initiatives. Many businesses, such as print companies, are active recyclers and green energy is most likely next on their lists.

Andover was just one of 19 communities awarded a total of $2.8 million to fund clean energy projects, and one of 86 municipalities throughout Massachusetts to hold a Green Community designation. Each community has pledged to reduce their consumption of energy by at least 20%. That figure represents a yearly energy usage equal to that of 13,000 residences and emissions from more than 16,800 vehicles.