Company rescues Andover ambulance company

April 8, 2012 by  

Health Tech Ambulance Service of Andover has been taken over by competitor PrideStar EMS, bringing the emergency-service firm’s fleet of vehicles to 50.

The head of PrideStar, David Daly, made the announcement at the end of March. Daly said taking over Health Tech was a practical move as the two EMS companies shared similar business principles, and frequently crossed paths as they covered similar geographic territory in the Andover area. The field of emergency services is quickly becoming extremely competitive and the merger made sense. The merger has placed PrideStar in excellent position to increase its share of the market, and to offer more comprehensive and immediate service to the Andover area.

While financial details were not released during the announcement, Daly did volunteer some basic information about the deal. His company would add 20 units from Health Tech to its current fleet and will hire as many as many as 40 personnel and first-responders. Health Tech employees who were interested in joining up were interviewed during a three-day job fair. Mergers, such as these, require additional business card printing, particularly for new employees. Print companies can showcase their digital business card printing capabilities.

With the additional purchase of five new vehicles, PrideStar now offers service to Lowell, Andover and Nashau with 50 units and 100 employees. Company officials promise more streamlined service and up-to-the-minute technology for advanced care with high-tech life support systems and GPS en route.

PrideStar began service in 2006, and located to a 20,000 square-foot facility in Lowell in 2010.