Chamber hosts breakfast with Tierney and Tsongas

February 13, 2014 by  

This week, the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce held a special breakfast meeting at the Wyndham Boston-Andover Hotel in Andover, at which United States Representative Niki Tsongas and Representative John Tierney spoke as part of the Chamber’s ‘Special Report from Washington’. No doubt the chamber turned to flyer printing to attract as many attendees as possible to the event.

Tierney and Tsongas spoke to 200 politicians, community members, and business leaders. Tierney, who represents district that comprises 36 cities and towns – including Merrimack, Salisbury, North Andover, and Newburyport – said that it is important to work with career centers and community colleges so as to maximize opportunities for employment. Tsongas added that more investments in waterways and highways, in addition to research and science in efforts to support medical schools, hospitals, and research centers in the area.

Tsongas agreed, saying that many companies who previously had their products manufactured overseas are now bringing those products back to the United States to be made. Many people like using American-made products, including those in the military who purchase training shoes made in factories in the United States.

Tierney commented that there are still 60,000 people in Massachusetts out of the 1.7 million across the country who are unemployed. He wants to extend federal unemployment benefits for another three months and lower the interest rate on student loans so as to stimulate the economy.