Andover voters approve new projects

May 7, 2012 by  

Town fathers in Andover have approved final items on an outstanding warrant, to the benefit of students, the business community and to the local environment.

New telecommunications infrastructure has been approved to the tune of $2.5 million to improve connectivity within the municipality. Andover’s data centers will be pared down from four to two shared centers with better technology, which means classrooms in Andover schools will be up-to-date with state-of-the-art wireless connectivity. A further $530,000 was granted for West Middle School improvements.

Restaurants now have one less hoop to jump through when trying to open for business. An eatery will not have to apply for a specific permit from the Town of Andover Board of Appeals if they are planning to offer take-out food. By getting rid of the red tape, it will be easier for restaurants to do business in Andover, which is good news for print companies and the production of menus and direct mail flyers.

Voters at the last Town Meeting also agreed on three articles pertaining to Balmoral Dam. The structure in Shawsheen Village needs to be dismantled as it was an obstacle to the migration of fish, and to improve the ecology of the river in which it spans. Two articles approved pertained to expropriation of the land that the dam sits upon and adjacent land where deconstruction would take place.

The third of the three articles approved by voters was to provide $125,000 of town funds to build fencing and stone work post-removal of the Balmoral Dam.

Other expenditures that were given the green light were a cool $1.4 million for rehabilitation of major water mains in Andover.