Alarm bells over fire hall locale

February 4, 2012 by  

When the town of Andover sent a request to property owners in a flyer printing campaign, searching for a possible lot on which a new fire hall could be built, the sole response came from a family on Andover Street. The Minahan family, ironically, live across the street from the only other option for relocating the Ballardvale Fire Station – South Elementary School, land recommended by an Andover building committee.

The family are owners of a home on a 1.21 acre piece of land at 270 Andover Street, directly across the road from the popular South Elementary School.

The Minahans own a home on a 1.21-acre lot at 270 Andover St., across the street from the currently recommended location at South Elementary School. The property tax assessment reflects a value of $255,300 for the home, which would be slated for demolition, leaving the land valued at $316,900, far less than the asking price of $750,000. The total does not include the construction cost of the new fire hall which is projected to cost $4.4 million to $6.6 million.

Neighbours are not thrilled at either location as traffic and parking around the school is already congested. Vehicular density could prove challenging for emergency responders to navigate around, should that location be chosen, among other concerns.

“One of the reasons [new residents] come to South School is because of its reputation,” said Deborah Lucci, a resident of Andover Street. “This will have a big impact on the assessed values in the school area totally, because I think this is going to make the school less desirable.”

The Minahans were not available for comment.