World Book Night to be celebrated in Mansfield

March 25, 2013 by  

For those with a home full of book-lovers, the upcoming World Book Night/Daytime celebration at the International Center at the University of Connecticut is a perfect midweek event. The celebration will be held at the McMahon Hall Coffee Hour and is open to the public.

Host of the event Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh will be distributing her personal favorite, ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’, which she appreciates for its ability to double as a children’s book and adult comedy.

Hartunian-Alumbaugh was voted to be a ‘book giver’ and wishes to share her love of reading and language with students who do not speak English as their first language. She hopes that many students will attend to help spread a true appreciation for reading across campus, and she has even taken her role a step further by hosting a post-event email discussion to talk about the book with readers. As an added incentive, she will be baking her special ‘Sunny Side Up Citrus Cake’ in the shape of an open book.

World Book Night is known around the country for being an evening perfect for both children and adults. To promote this specific event to local communities like Vernon, Windham, and Tolland, Hartunian-Alumbaugh might consider reaching out to the public through the use of poster printing companies and flyer printing companies. In addition, business card printing could be useful for staying connected with visitors for future events.

While World Book Night is actually on April 23, U-Conn is holding the event the following day for the sake of students more easily attending.