Wednesday workshop awaits Vernon

June 25, 2012 by  

With an incredibly well-rounded workshop in “Recess at Work Day” coming up pretty soon, Vernon-based professionals have quite a bit working in their favor towards the end of June.

Things take off this Wednesday, June 27, with “Recess at Work Day”. In order to provide business professionals with this excellent workshop, the Town of Coventry Parks & Recreation Development has partnered with several names like the Coventry Economic Development Commission, the Tolland County Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Highlands Health District, and even Rich DiGarlamo of “Recess at Work Day” fame.

At its core, this is a workshop to help decision makers get more out of their businesses. Covering such subjects as fresh and innovative approaches to marketing, new product ideas on which the team might not be capitalizing, the formation of a plan that will keep people emotionally invested in a company, and the advantages of partnering with other professionals, this presentation is going to be filled with all kinds of practical content.

Starting fairly early at 8:17 am, those planning to be at this one may want to consider getting in touch with a print company which offers printing services like business card printing and flyer printing. Featuring registration and breakfast in addition to the two-hour workshop, there are plenty of advantages to putting in an appearance here. Since seating is limited for this meeting, however, business owners and other interested professionals will have to register quickly. Fortunately, sign-up information is available on the Town of Coventry Parks & Recreation Development website.