Vernon tests its emergency response system

September 12, 2012 by  

The Town of Vernon last month completed a massive test to measure the response time and adequacy of operations by the Emergency Management department, and all systems are ready. The results of the test showed that the town’s Emergency Management team is more than adequately prepared for a major disaster.

The urgency to test the new system became apparent after two major storms ripped through the town last year, causing considerable damage. The last of the 304 hanging limbs from last year’s storms was finally removed last week. The Emergency Management department wanted to test whether the town is ready to handle another major disaster of a similar or greater scale.

The test involved simulating the effects of the 1938 Great New England Hurricane that battered the eastern coast, destroying 8,900 homes and businesses, killing 564 people, and injuring 1,700 others.

As a result of last year’s storms, the Town streamlined its computer system to handle not only the warning signals but the aftermath of the storm as well. All of the recently completed drills point to a more prepared emergency response that will help to save lives and reduce damaging effects.

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