Vernon high school snacks on the move

September 30, 2013 by  

Students at Rockville High School in Vernon have a new snack stand for their football games, and it has wheels.

The mobile kitchen did not interfere with the finances of the school since it was a team effort between the Rockville Bank Foundation (which donated $12,000), the school system, and the Football Booster Club. It debuted at the opening game at home on Friday, September 13.

The old stand that sold concessions was originally a shed donated to the school and it was several years old. Since it was stationary, it could not serve the games that took place on other fields. The new trailer can go to any field or even to away games. Schools officials think it will be an excellent resource for fundraising.

With the help of the school, the Football Booster Club spent the summer fundraising for a new concession stand, with mobility outlined as a key function. Rockville Bank wasted no time in contributing to the fund and donated one third of the money needed to buy the stand.

The high school football game started at 6:30 pm but activities began at around 5:00 pm. The Football Booster Club and volunteer parents ran the concession stand.

To advertise the new idea, those associating with the trailer might want to seek out local printing services and ensure that word gets around fast. It might also be worth considering turning to sign and poster printing companies to advise the volunteers working on the trailer of what they should be doing.