Town council to decide if former Mayor can keep overtime pay

January 9, 2012 by  

A special Vernon town meeting is planned on Tuesday, January 10 regarding overtime pay accepted by former Mayor Jason McCoy. The council may vote on whether to ask McCoy to return more than $8,000 he received in overtime compensation following three weather emergencies last year.

The town council was taken aback during last month’s council meeting when it learned that McCoy collected wages that exceeded his regular $20,749 salary. McCoy received $4,030 in overtime pay for his efforts during the October snowstorm.

The former mayor was given an extra $2,430 for his contributions following last year’s extremely heavy snowfall that jeopardized roofs to help keep them from caving in. McCoy also accepted $1,751.40 for his overtime duties related to Tropical Storm Irene. Postcard printing displaying the havoc Mother Nature imposed in Vernon and other areas of Connecticut could give out-of-state relatives and friends a closer look at the devastating effects of the extreme weather.

The council will mull over a resolution that quotes Chapter 10, Section 1 of the town’s charter, which states that

“the mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the town and shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed by the town council.”

The town council never approved the $30 an hour on overtime pay McCoy received. Other town employees, including volunteer firefighters, were also paid the special overtime rate for their work during the three weather emergencies.

If council members vote in favor of the resolution, McCoy will be officially notified in writing to payback any compensation that was above and beyond what the council had approved. McCoy said he’d willingly go along with any lawful request made by the town council. “I’m just glad that I could serve the people of Vernon, cut taxes, lower the crime rate and serve alongside those to protect the public during the various emergency events,” McCoy said last week.