Town council seeks grant for Amerbelle testing

January 16, 2014 by  

The Vernon Town Council approved the idea of seeking the Environmental Protection Agency administered Brownfields Community-wide Assessment Grant.

This grant will give them $400,000 to examine the state of the former Amerbelle Textiles factory area including some of the surrounding buildings. The packet created by the council on Tuesday states that the grant will help clean up the area if needed. The town will have three years to assess the properties and do a clean up. $200,000 would be used to test for hazardous materials and the other $200,00 would be used to test for petroleum.

John Ward of the Town Council commented on the urgency of the grant by saying:

“I believe it is prudent to begin actively assessing and eventually remediating this area.”

The sites are next to the Hockanum River and Paper Mill Pond, creating a great danger of water pollution therefore making testing a priority for Town Council. The council will use the money from the grant to test the Amerbelle site, the Daniels Mill building, and 19 Grove St which is a commercial site across from Amerbelle front.

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