Shenipsit Lake Recreation program opens for 2013

April 14, 2013 by  

Next weekend will see the opening of the Shenipsit Lake Recreation program, commemorating its 20th anniversary. It marks the effort made between to allow residents the opportunity to fish and hike at The Connecticut Water Company’s (CWC) Shenipsit Lake Reservoir (Tolland, Ellington, and Vernon).

It will let electric or oar-powered boats be used for fishing, which is also permitted off the shore. With 45 storage slips for rowboats and canoes free for use to the public, residents will jump at this opportunity. Beginning 6:00 am on Wednesday, April 17, boats will be accepted to the storage area and the quarantining process will get underway to avoid the spread of invasive zebra mussels.

The Shenipsit Lake Reservoir is a carefully maintained water source for those in the area, and the Department of Public Health has approved the program once again because of strict measures taken to keep the water free of pollution and invasive species

CT’s Manager of Source Protection and Real Estate stated:

“We take great measures to protect public drinking water supplies and our watershed areas as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship. At the same time, we wish to provide the community with recreational activities and access to this land.”

To advertise the opening of the program, organizers might consider the use of print companies to further their community goals. Residents of Tolland, Vernon, and Ellington may not know all of the details, so flyer printing would be a great way to spread important information in time for the April 20 opening.