Permanent principal hired for Maple Street School

March 18, 2014 by  

Melissa Trantolo has been appointed as the new principal of Maple Street School in Vernon. Trantolo was previously employed in at J.C. Clark Elementary and Middle School as the assistant principal.

Boasting a long history in the field of education, Trantolo received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Clemson University in Special Education. She was studying at Central Connecticut State University until last year when she earned her Educational Leadership 092 Certification. During her career, she has been a teacher, offered specialism in the curriculum for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, and worked to improve literacy in the school system.

Pamela Baker-Jones, the principal before Trantolo at Maple Street, held the position for a few months before giving her resignation in October of last year. Lyn Gandolf served as interim principle until the school system could find a permanent replacement. Trantolo will be starting at Maple Street at the beginning of July.

Pupils and their parents could show their appreciation of the new principal by making a banner to welcome her. If there is no time to allow the students to contribute to making the banner, as she will be hired before the new school year starts, it might be wise to hire a banner printing company.

According to the school’s website, it has a PTO meeting scheduled on April 7, with the time yet to be confirmed.