Local food drive gets in motion

July 27, 2012 by  

With both a Tag Sale and a Food Drive taking place not too far away from Vernon, it would be surprising if local print companies were not involved to some degree, providing various printing services like flyer printing and poster printing ahead of time.

Things get going tomorrow, July 28, with a Tag Sale in Tolland. Beginning bright and early with a starting time of approximately 8:00 am, those looking for deals on furniture, indoor appliances, and all-round household items will have an entire day to stop by and see what catches their attention. Among the items listed are jugs, antiques, oak furniture, dressers, and dishes. Those who plan on dropping by are unlikely to be disappointed by the huge discounts to be had during this yard sale.

Meanwhile, right here in Vernon, residents have until August 31 to donate to the Food Drive. With proceeds going towards the Safe-Net Food bank, the Hockanum Valley Community Council, and the Tri-Town Food Pantry, people are being encouraged to get involved. After all, showing support for these worthwhile causes is simply a matter of dropping off non-perishable food at the Express-Verizon stores around town.

Beyond the flyers that have probably been making the rounds, the Food Drive can provide business owners with another means of promoting themselves. As most administrations already know, the combination of sales and incentives can be a powerful means of acquiring new customers. By offering a discount on Android Smartphones and Tablets to those who donate at least 10 items, it is clear that Express-Verizon has already caught on to the possibilities.