Get Motivated Mega Event headlines May

May 9, 2012 by  

Between the recently held “Get Motivated” Mega Event and the upcoming “Ideas, Inspiration & Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Small Business” forum, it’s clear that Vernon-based professionals are getting access to resources that aren’t readily available in other places.

Hosted May 8th at the XL Center in Hartford, business professionals from a wide range of industries had the pleasure of attending the Get Motivated Mega Event. Recognized as one of the best business motivation seminars around, those present at this one had the opportunity to hear what the experts had to say on the topics that matter the most to company decision-makers today. Starting originally at 8:00am, the low price point of $1.95 for individuals and the reasonable group discounts were yet another incentive that helped make this one the highlight of the month as far as workshops and conferences for professionals go.

Even so, those who weren’t able to attend Get Motivated will still be getting another chance to attend an informative event on June 15th. Whether selecting a legal structure or finalizing a concept before making that order for more flyer printing, running a company is about making the correct choices.

Covering such subjects as the process of growth, spotting and avoiding common mistakes made by startups, and utilizing resources, “Ideas, Inspiration & Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Small Business” projects to be a well-rounded event. With a panel of experts and a credentialed keynote speaker besides, there’s plenty of information to be gleaned from this one as well.