Budget allocates road improvements

February 25, 2014 by  

Vernon citizens have said “yes” to putting funds toward fixing the town’s roads, following points being raised about their condition.

The town has permission from the voters to use a little over $27m to fix the roads over a period of six years. The project covers 219 streets in Vernon.

Although in the end the motion did pass in late January, it was a close vote with 437 for to 326 opposed. Fewer than 5% of those in the town who can vote on these issues attended the meeting.

James Luddecke, the Town Council’s Financial Director and Treasurer, stated that the last time the town asked for a bond was when they needed a little over $1m to afford the project for Phoenix Street Bridge. Robert Kleinhans, Public Works Director, calls the plan to fix the town’s roads “new approaches to an old problem”.

Newsletters are a major part of most communities and small towns, since they keep the community updated on smaller issues that do not make it into the newspaper, such as minutes from the town council. Towns will usually seek a printing company close to the location in question itself for this purpose, as they tend to prefer to support local businesses.

A full explanation of the plans and how they may affect locals can be seen at the Vernon, CT website.