Anocoil named Business of the Month

November 15, 2013 by  

The Rockville Downtown Association celebrates a company each month for its outstanding work, and has announced that Anocoil is the Business of the Month for November.

Anocoil was founded in the late 1950s by Howard Fromson, who is now the CEO of the Rockville-Vernon company. Fromson posed for a photo opportunity and accepted the award from Dan Waskiewicz and Carl Schaefer. Waskeiewicz is the Rockville Downtown Association Vice President while Schaefer is a board member of the organization.

Dan Waskiewicz describes Howard Fromson and his company Anocoil as a cornerstone of Rockville, saying at the event:

“We appreciate all they have done over the years, and we look forward to their continuing presence in our town.”

Lisa Moody, the Rockville Downtown Association president, noted that Fromson does a great deal of charity work in Rockville, and that he has been actively involved in the community so for the past 50 years, giving back considerably in the process. One example of this is that his company has offered several grants for public school teachers to receive their job training. He also recently lit up the water falls near Amerbelle, which run behind the company’s headquarters, with the help of the Rockville Downtown Association.

Anocoil is a company dedicated to improving processes within the commercial and newspaper printing companies. It provides clients with lithographic printing plates in both analog and digital format, while also selling the chemicals and equipment needed for processing and imaging on a printing project.