Torrington bangs the drum for musical group

February 15, 2014 by  

Torrington residents are invited to join a group of people who will be participating in a hand drum circle later this month.

Accomplished drummer Susan Strand will be facilitating the event, and she plays all manner of exotic hand drums (some examples include the riq , djun djun, djembe, and frame drum) and is part of various drum groups. Those who have drums should bring them, but those who do not will be able to borrow from someone else. Also, level of skill, talent, or ability is not an issue, as the group welcomes anyone who wishes to play. A short tutorial will be given before the circle is formed.

African and Latin rhythms will dominate the circle, but other types will be welcome too. Those who attend are encouraged to bring a camera for capturing images of the circle and perhaps for using as flyer or poster printing for promoting drum circles at later dates

The drum circle will be held at Morrison’s Hardware (which has donated space) at 63 Water Street on Thursday, February 20 from 7:00 till 8:30 pm. There is no cost to participate but those who can afford it are asked to donate $5 to help buy new drums for future circles.

Further info about the event can be found at the Torrington, CT website.