Stamford student demonstration draws crowd

October 28, 2013 by  

Ferguson Library in Stamford was the site of a powerful demonstration against bullying earlier this month.

Aaron Brown of Greenwich was driving by in his SUV with his son when they saw more than 100 students from Stamford High School laying in front of the library. He stopped the car and walked around to chat with the students, but not before explaining what they were doing to his five-year-old son. This, in turn, caused more drivers to see the demonstration.

Member of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council executive committee Kirsi Balazs stated that she was surprised someone stopped. She helped the students put together the protest and was there to support them when she saw Brown exit his vehicle and interact with the protesting teens.

Brown was proud of the students and said he wished he had brought his daughter along also. He commented that bullying outlets have expanded since he went to school and it is much harder to escape.

The protest has traditionally been held at Veteran’s Park, but Balasz moved it in front of the library in the hope that more people would see it. Indeed, it gained more attention and the desired reaction from those passing by. Others stopped to talk to the students and commend them on the protest, and it even scared one onlooker.

Demonstrations like this one can often benefit from pamphlets nearby giving statistics about bullying and what the general public can do to prevent it, perhaps produced by a local printing company specializing in flyer printing.