Stamford schools see a busy September

September 30, 2013 by  

A Stamford school began the new academic year by walking into a newly renovated building.

Several years in the making, King Low Heywood Thomas has finally completed the project of touching up its Upper School building, and nobody seems happier than Tom Main, the Head of School, who said:

“We have renovated the building to provide an academic center which includes workspace, and traditional library space, a variety of information services, really everything that a top tier independent school or small college would provide for their students.”

Any addition to school space and facilities is certainly welcome in the Stamford area, as a meeting about school overcrowding took place earlier in the month. On Wednesday, the Stamford Board of Education held a separate conference to discuss the issue, and the solutions proposed were to build more schools or to redistrict students, but advisers also chipped in with some other options.

Stamford had the highest population recorded in 2010 with 122,000 residents. Perhaps surprisingly, the record for the number of students enrolled in the school system, set in 1969, is 25% higher than it is today. However, this can be explained through the fact that fewer people could attend private schools then.

When new schools are built, they will often need sets of banners and posters to show off the school colors and mascot. Printing companies are sure to want to stay up to date with this issue and drop their name during the planning stages.