Stamford gets sailing for the prize

July 7, 2013 by  

The 2013 Annual Mayor’s Cup Race occurred last Sunday, June 30, marking the 28th year of the race, and lots of sailing vessels came out on the water in stamford, Connecticut to compete for awards.

The Carbonado, a McConaghy 38ft craft, claimed top prize this year. It was built in China and has higher speed rating than any other boat in the competition, partially due to its sleek design. With only seven crew members, one of them being an expert sailor in the Riverside Yacht Club, the men were able to sail it efficiently and take home the gold. The Carbonado will compete in more races later in the summer. Another competitor was the Evil Monkey, a 33ft Soverel sailed by a group of friends who have been doing it together for two decades.

The proceeds of the race go to a local organization that teaches sailing and academics to students of low income families. During the summer, the organization has a camp that is an extension to the program, teaching sailing in detail. It also teaches students the academic skills needed to sail safely. This includes the math to calculate longitude and latitude along with information about currents and wind, and nautical sciences like ecology, marine biology, and physics.

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