Pottery workshop goes in for the kiln

November 27, 2012 by  

The One Day Pottery Wheel Workshop is designed to teach guests, as an introductory course, the basic skills that are required when working with clay using a potter’s wheel. The course has been designed for people who are 15 and older, as this is considered the age required to understand what it takes to use a potter’s wheel without injury.

This one-day workshop enables guests wanting to learn about working in clay to have an understanding of how to use and mold the clay, how to work the potter’s wheel, and where the ideas and concepts come from for creating various pieces. This introductory course will also include a demonstration, as well as an explanation of the necessary tools and their uses. The company offering this pottery demonstration is also sponsoring this event and offers a one-time potter’s wheel experience to guests on weekends, and during the week, so they too can experience the joy of working with clay and the potter’s wheel.

Flyer printing and poster printing were most likely used to advertise and promote this event to residents in this community and the surrounding area. The cost is $75 and everyone over 15 is welcome to come and learn the wonders of clay. The One Day Pottery Wheel Workshop will take place this Sunday, December 2, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at Lakeside Pottery located at 543 Newfield Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut. To learn more, please visit Lakeside Pottery’s website or call the office at 203-323-2222.