New ordinances planned for firefighter safety

February 28, 2014 by  

According to an article in the Stamford Advocate, there are a few ideas on the table on how to go about fighting fires in a building with solar panels.

Many commercial and residential buildings in the Stamford area are taking advantage of solar energy and its many benefits, but the panels are constantly at a high voltage even if the electricity is completely shut off. Ted Jankowsi of the Stamford Public Safety Department had the idea of throwing tarpaulins onto the panels. However, the panel would still be live and he is not willing to risk lives.

Additionally, firefighters cannot cut holes in solar paneled roofs to vent fires, and the weight of the panels may prove more dangerous in the event of a fire. Employees in the public safety sector must come up with methods of working with solar panels safely. Employees in the public safety sector must come up with new methods of working with solar panels.

Jankowski is researching how many buildings in the city have solar panels and realistic solutions to keep firefighters safe when working with the panels. He suggested working with the side of the roof without panels, spacing the panels further apart, and putting the breaker boxes in a more accessible area.

City officials must inform the public of new ordinances. They can use a print company to create thousands of copies of letters with the city letterhead to send to residents.