History Museum celebrates Pearl Harbor Day

December 16, 2013 by  

With the next day being Pearl Harbor Day, the Museum of Black World War II History set up a table at the Stamford Government Center on Friday, December 6.

On show were artifacts from the war and written information for interested patrons about Pearl Harbor. The museum also had models of tanks and airplanes, posters encouraging civilians to buy war bonds, and photographs of soldiers taken during the war.

Museum president Mabel Jorgensen and founder/curator Bruce Bird also asked about finalizing the plans to relocate the museum into Connecticut rather than its current base in Vermont. They are in the middle of signing a three-month lease for the old recreation center on Courtland Avenue. The city of Stamford drew up the recreation center lease in July.

Meanwhile, the museum wants to raise $3,800 to help with the expenses of the move. Connecticut’s gun laws are also causing some obstacles insofar as bringing some of the exhibits into the state is concerned. As well as a variety of munitions, the collection even includes some large vehicles such as trucks and jeeps, meaning that transporting it all from one state to another is unlikely to be an overnight process.

Making historical literature exciting for museum patrons, especially children, is something that institutions like the museum always strive to do. Design and images can help significantly, which is why museums often hire a print company to print information on new artifacts, or a child-friendly version of the literature’s information.