Green refuse vehicle for Stamford

January 19, 2013 by  

Stamford, Connecticut recently received a grant of $84,000 from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to replace a vehicle used for refuse collection.

As 2013, so far, has been a year focused on green initiatives and energy for Connecticut, Stamford’s new vehicle will appropriately play a strong role in promoting the benefit of green technology and clean energy proposals. Mayor Michael Pavia stated in a recent news release:

“This funding will secure a new refuse collection vehicle for the city, with greater fuel economy and state-of-the-art air pollution controls that have the best interests of our citizens in mind.”

The purchase of the new vehicle will help promote Connecticut’s Clean Diesel Program; an initiative first focused on emission controls in regard to the health hazards of diesel exhaust to children. Pavia also notes:

“This grant is a great opportunity for Stamford to demonstrate its continued leadership in supporting Clean Energy initiatives.”

The DEEP has received further funding from campaigns and acts such as the EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign and federal Diesel Emission Reduction Act, allowing it to increase efforts towards:

“…retrofit, repower, replacement and idle reduction opportunities for construction, fleet and marine applications.”

While towns often communicate with local residents through the use of community websites and meetings, the use of social media, flyer printing services, and banner printing services may also assist in raising awareness to green successes such as these. With any luck, the promotion of awarded green energy grants may encourage residents to take their own green initiatives.