Developer proposes marina remodel for second time

November 15, 2013 by  

Plans are afoot once again for a boatyard in the making for Stamford. The development’s purpose remains to attract the attention of Bridgewater Associates in Westport, but there are a few changes to the procedure.

Under the plans, Building & Land Technology (BLT) will build on 205 Magee Avenue, where Brewer’s Yacht Haven once stood. The site will be the new main office for Bridgewater. However, it would result in a relocation of the animal shelter to the Edward Hunt Recreational Complex at Courtland Avenue.

When BLT first proposed the project, some concerns were that the space was too small and the water was too shallow. BLT pulled the application but is now trying again to get approved for two acres on Magee Avenue. The new contract alters the boatyard area in order to accommodate for the landed needed for the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets and proposed public works near the site.

Speaking on November 4, John Freeman of BLT said he believed that the smaller site could still be a successful boatyard while fulfilling the agreement of the contract.

If approved, BLT will need pay for all of the landscaping costs and to build a new animal shelter. Relocating it is likely to mean reprinting literature and paperwork use at the shelter, including brochures and adoption documents, so the development may see printing companies in the area receive a boost. Any print company involved will no doubt also have to be able to work with photos since most animal shelters like to tell rescue success stories.