Ton of stuffed animals donated to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

March 25, 2013 by  

On March 14, Newtown-Bound Bears made its largest delivery by donating over 100 stuffed animals to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford with the help of volunteers.

The organization is known for its efforts to give inpatient children and kids in the emergency room the comfort of home.

The drive originally started donating solely teddy bears, eventually accepting many different kinds of stuffed animals. Founders Janice Deep and Jonna Breen said of their efforts:

“We have received large and small donations, and each one is equally appreciated. The more we receive, the further out we can spread our donations.”

The organization is based on hope, wellness, and love, and it is currently collecting donations for important upcoming deliveries to St. Mary’s Hospital’s Children and Family Health Center in Waterbury. Any donation of bears or stuffed animals from those around Connecticut helps the group to continue its mission, and it is asking for community support. More information regarding donations can be found on Patch.

Newtown-Bound Bears has said that it wishes to connect with the local community and seeks a CT printing company that might be willing to craft some posters and signs for public locations. The organization hopes to reach out to towns all around Connecticut, like Shelton, Southbury, Easton, and Middletown to raise awareness and support that will help make the lives of children in discomfort more enjoyable and warm. Newtown-Bound Bears might consider using business card printing companies for an easy way to stay connected with volunteers and donors across the state.